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Wupper SOFT with LupinThis NEW WEST AUSTRALIAN Lupin bread has been specifically designed to assist you with weight control.
This bread has been developed by Bodhi's in conjunction with The University of Western Australia. This high protein, low carbohydrate bread has become the new superfood in the fight against obesity and Type 2 diabetes. This bread has become the new choice of slimmers because of it's ability to suppress appetite for longer periods of time, as well as helping you to eat less and potentially lose weight.

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A UWA study found that eating breads made from lupins, caused people to consume up to 30 per cent less energy during a meal. The same study also discovered that those who ate the lupin bread for breakfast consumed 15 to 20 per cent less energy at lunch!  (One study participant recorded weight loss of about 4kg over four weeks.)

Researchers believe the reason for these results were that the lupin kernel flour is very high in protein, and quite high in fibre and contains almost no carbohydrates! To put it in the words of UWA researcher professor Jonathan Hodges: “You simply dont feel as hungry. I would say it lasts up to 24 hours as an appetite suppressant.”

Quick Facts about Lupin

  • Lupin may hold the key to preventing diabetes (Italian Research)
  • Bodhi's Bakehouse together with the WA Centre for Food and Genomic Medicine (CFGM) have developed together a Lupin bread that has been proven to assist with weightloss
  • WA produces 85% of the worlds lupin
  • Lupin is a legume
  • Rich in natural Lethicin
  • Rich in antioxidant Carotenoids (helps prevent eye disease)
  • Rich in antioxidant Tocopherols
  • Gluten Free
  • High in Protein
  • Major natural source of Arginine
  • High in Dietary Fibre Lupin has the lowest Glycimic Indes  (GI) of any commonly consumed grain
  • Promotes digestive and bowel health / anti cancer

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View or Purchase online our Lupin Products here
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